Thursday, March 28, 2013

BIG news!

My sorority is celebrating "Big Appreciation Week" this week, I think because they just felt like it.

Okay by me, but all of my littles have left school - two transfers and an alum! Of course, I got some sweet notes, but I didn't feel like I was left out or anything, even if I hadn't.

But there is BIGger news.... I love my sorority, it's true. Two years of Panhellenic Exec board really solidified what I thought was true. Phi Mu is where I truly belonged. I firmly believe in the values it holds and I am so proud to be involved in an organization like it.

But, I passed up the opportunity this winter to apply for a Chapter Consultant position. After the application closed, I immediately regretted it.

But guess what? The application re-opened yesterday!

I just know this is a sign from Mary, Mary and Martha... so of course I started the application!

Thanks you guys!

Cross your quatrefoils for me... (or just your fingers!)

Have you ever gotten a second chance? Share with me in the comments below!

Stay true to yourself,

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Thesis Update: I'm Dying

Man oh man, this thesis will be the death of me!

My sorority house flooded this weekend after some roof repairs fell through. I gave myself a break Thursday from homework, which carried into Friday, and early Saturday morning the house flooded during a rainstorm.

Luckily, we had another dorm to go to, and student services came immediately. A disaster relief team was called to handle the emergency as well. I was definitely not happy about moving out 5 weeks early, but that's another story for another day.

Saturday morning, we had our annual egg hunt, so while packing up the house, we also hosted a philanthropy event! Talk about stressful! Then, that night was our annual formal. Sunday we all finally got around to unpacking our things... and we're still packing up our common rooms.

Geez Louise! So much going on. I ended up loosing 4 days of studying and work in all. Which is not what I wanted. Plus the weather has been FREEZING and we've seen snow flurries for two days. Morale is low.

Luckily, I got an extension for my first draft of my thesis, and I'm powering through the week to get all of my assignments done. I turned in an article this morning, a PR project is in its final stages, a podcast is in its beginnings and due in two days, I have three other articles due Thursday, and of course, my thesis draft!

There's a lesson here folks... take advantage of the time you have! You need time to yourself, true, but be careful! Time can slip away from you quite easily, and you can't plan for disasters and emergencies.

Are you near the end of any big projects? Share with me in the comments below!

Stay true to yourself,

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


It's important to be proud of yourself. Your accomplishments are things to be proud of - you worked hard for those! You earned the right to be proud.

Being proud isn't always bragging, and it's not always as obvious as a pack of lions strutting about.

I've come to realize that I am a very proud person, and I'm not sure I like it. Sometimes, my pride can turn from achievement into elitism.

I've been the editor for my campus's online student newspaper for about a year now. I was chosen for the position, which made me proud that my hard work paid off.

However, we had to rebuild the site. I have taken plenty of web building classes, but I was rusty. I built up the bare bones and kind of just left them.

Having a site that was okay but not amazing was something I was not proud of. I think it showed too, and I think that's why I had difficulty getting other students to write quality work.

When you think of something as a permanent work in progress, you'll never accomplish your final goal. And no one likes to look incompetent by asking for help.

But the truth is, I was a little rusty. I can manage a site no problem, but it's been a while since I really dove in a worked on it.

After I had heard a local newspaper had checked our website and thought it was mediocre, I was upset. I had tried to get an internship at that newspaper.... did my lack of work and being too proud to ask for help ruin my chances for that internship?

So I finally gave up the goat. I needed help on this site. I emailed the school's web coordinator and my advisor. I refuse to graduate and leave the site "just okay."

So what's the moral of this story? It's okay to be proud, but there is always room to learn.

Have you ever had to come to terms with being too proud? Share with me in the comments below.

Stay true to yourself,

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Hopefully you'll be lucky today (and don't get pinched!)

Things have been so crazy lately! Sorry for the lack of posts. I'll be posting an update sometime this week!

Stay true to yourself, 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Southern Spring

Spring in the south is a challenge. One day it's 30 degrees out with gale force winds and a downpour of rain, and the next it's a beautiful clear day with lots of sun.

With a closet of separates, it's easy to dress for anything! Here are four spring staples I recommend for a classic look during crazy up and down weather!

Southern Spring

Knit top / Stretch pants / J.Crew j. crew shorts / Lacoste Sleeveless Stretch Pique Polo

Chilly out? Take the crops and cardigan and add a scarf and flats. Sunny, almost becoming hot? Sleeveless polo with shorts, plus your favorite sandals! And of course, the weather has the low at 40 but the high at 70? Grab the cardigan to throw over your sleeveless polo and crops.

What do you wear when the weather is all over the place? What else would you add to my list of separates? Share with me in the comments below!

Stay true to yourself,

Thursday, March 7, 2013


With the crazy weather and post-spring break blues, it's hard to stay motivated!

I've gone back to making daily lists, but it's still not enough. Where did my motivation go!? I seem to have developed a horrible case of senioritis.

While I'm sure scientists are struggling to find a cure right this second, in the mean time, I'm stuck with a lack of will power. A big list and "no time" to spend on it. And by "no time" I mean there isn't a time I want to do anything.

So how can I, alongside the class of 2013, beat this case of the senior blues? So far I have little results, but I do have one solution...

Instead of procrastinating by fiddling on Facebook or twiddling on Twitter, I'm cleaning my room, doing dishes, and sorting through my clothes.

I've justified these actions by noting that a clean room is a happy room, and it's easier for me to work in since I'm not thinking about how dirty it is; clean dishes mean I can cook whenever I so desire and do not fall to the tempts of crappy food; and of course, I have a ton of clothes, and I need to clean out my closet anyway.

Of course, this isn't a substitution for actually doing my work, but it's nice to break in between activities. This, along with power study sessions at the library are slowly getting me through my last semester in school.

I'm slowly getting things crossed off my list. I'm sure I can tackle it all - and you can to.

What do you do to improve motivation? Have any tips? Share with me in the comments below!

Stay true to yourself,

Monday, March 4, 2013

The end of spring break

It's Sunday, which means my last spring break is coming to a close. I didn't go to the beach or travel, but I did quite a bit.

Friday through Sunday two of our close family friends visited us! It was two moms and two daughters - I had seen Mom #2 recently but I hadn't seen her daughter, my childhood best friend, in over ten years! We did shopping, wine and massages. It was a great way to kick off my break!

Monday I cleaned my mom's bathroom- I traded her a clean bathroom for a shirt. Tuesday I managed to laze about with the puppies and I started a sewing project!

I went to my dad's classes on Wednesday to do some homework outside the house. Afterwards, we went and renewed my license. No more "Under 21" bordering my picture!

And no more 16-year-old me duping restaurant servers.

Thursday I attempted to do more homework and met with my internship boss! Later, I started another sewing project. This time I used my boyfriend's mother's embroidery machine so my stitches were extra sassy.

Friday, one of my best friends and sorority sisters, Kegan, came over for a weekend sleepover! We spent the day at my boyfriend's house sewing, watching TV, snacking and generally enjoying each other's company. Later, another sorority sister joined us.

Boyfriend's brother models the letters I made!

Why a weekend sleep over? Because Saturday we attended the Atlanta Dance Marathon for Children's Miracle Network and Children's Healthcare of Atlanta!


In total, $16,169.69 were raised for CHOA and CMNH. My team raised $1915 and of that I raised $215!

Sunday, Kegan and I slept in and had a late breakfast. Then, three more friends, their pups and my boyfriend came over. Kegan and I did homework while we all snacked and chatted. We had a delicious Sunday dinner together!

Now it's Monday.... sigh! Back to the ol' grind! I don't really want to go back, I'm having so much fun here! And that means it's only seven weeks until... graduation. *dramatic music*

When is your spring break? Are you planning for productivity or fun? Share with me in the comments below!

Stay true to yourself,

PS: Happy International Badge Day! Wear your badge close to your heart!