Sunday, December 30, 2012

So What Am I Doing? An Introduction.

Welcome, y'all!

I'm Alyson, a near-college graduate at a women's college in Georgia. I slowly turned Southern after moving down south in grade school.

I tried out the "preppy" style when I first started college. After a few trials and tribulations, I decided that polos, khakis and ribbons were what I was most comfortable in. It turned into what some may call a monster- a pink and green, lemonade themed. bow and pearl-wearin' monster.

Once Mother gave me my first string of pearls, I was hooked forever. Once I realized that my typical tee and jeans looked pulled together with my pearls and a bow, I was completely hooked.

I'm graduating in May 2013, yes, less than six months! I'll be tackling an internship this semester as well, which means I've hit the big time. It's almost time for job-huntin'.

So I created this blog to help journal my experiences as a southern prep entering a grey work force. I have a few tough topics to tackle.

First, I need to secure my internship. I've had a rough go, as things didn't turn out the way I planned. So now I have to re-secure an internship all over again. Harumph.

Second, is my sunshine yellow classic shift with matching headband too much for my coworkers? Worse, will I have to conform to a life of grey suit and sensible slacks? Can I at least ease my officemates in with scarves and skirts?

Whoa there. I don't even know what office life is even like... Maybe people will love my bright ensembles and welcome it whole-heartedly. Who knows? I've never tried!

Third and most important, I don't want to loose my sense of self in this process. I feel confident in a matching ensemble of bright colors and delicate accessories. I may be sassy, but I like to bring my own sunshine.

Confidence is key to success at anything. So join me as I experiment with confidence and style in the workplace!

Stay true to yourself,