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And we’re live in 3… 2… 1

It’s the top of the hour. The jingle plays, and then it’s my turn. Call letters first, then I introduce myself to an audience listening intently in a 50 mile radius of where I am sitting, behind a microphone but in front of the world.

I’m fresh out of college and live on the air.

I’ve messed up names and words I thought I knew but didn’t. I push a lot of buttons, sometimes the wrong ones. I answer a lot of phone calls – sometimes interviews, waiting to answer questions I struggle to ask; others, angry listeners with complaints about things I can’t fix.

Welcome to the world of radio! It’s mixed up and crazy as radio stations across the world go from the good old days to the digital era, working to revamp the channel as something more. 

The change is happening. The scariest part is that the change is YOU.

20-somethings in every field are struggling. Your 20’s are a time of self-discovery and life-altering choices. How do I figure out who I am? Could I work at this job forever? Am I really that lazy? How do I get this stain out? What should I cook for dinner?

It’s tough. I know, because that’s exactly where I am. I’m 20-something, I over-dress, and I’m a novice member of the Great and Powerful American Media. But I know I can figure out who I am and stick with it, all while covering the latest developments and breaking news.

So join me as I tackled WIRL - the real world - with WSAS - sass! (For you non-radio folks, W is for broadcast stations east of the Mississippi! K is for west of the river.) But how do I figure it all out, grow into a professional in my field and maintain my standards, morals and ethics!? Read on and follow the experiences I share to find out.

Above all else, stay true to yourself, whatever you are called to do,

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