Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Beautifying beige walls

Lately, I feel like I am surrounded by beige. My walls and carpet are two shades of the color, and while I have bright accessories all over, sometimes it doesn't feel like enough.

I finally purchased a television console for my living room (meaning my coffee table can go back to being a coffee table!) from IKEA. It's turquoise and metal, with sliding doors. I can change the channels through the doors! I am so pleased with it.

But the empty space above it bothered me. It bothered me when the TV was sitting on the coffee table too, but now I was ready to do something with the space!

I found these Moroccan tile mirrors at Target. They came with stencils and were surprisingly easy to hang correctly!

Cairo helped get them level.

The finished product!

But I wasn't done yet... I knew I could add a little more to my walls. Like in my kitchen. I like my hand-made "EAT" wall art, but it needed a little refresher.

Besides, what if EAT was lonely!?

My parents gave me a vintage plate and a turret that my great grandmother made. Dad and I purchased plate wall hangers for under $5, which came with hardware, and Dad had them up in under 5 minutes.

Spring hangers are your friend!

He's a magic man.

Ta Da!

So simple, but it makes the wall look refreshed and brand new. I'm sure I can find a few more walls to decorate and improve....

How do you decorate your walls? Share with me in the comments below!

Stay true to yourself,

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